ALX Launchpad Application

The ALX Launchpad is a leadership accelerator that empowers high-potential graduates and career-starters by setting you up with the skills and tool-set to launch your career. The Launchpad will provide you with 6 keys to success, by helping you unlock jobs of the future, inviting you to join our movement, giving you the “AL Stamp”, breaking the “no experience no job” cycle, focusing on holistic character building, and empowering you to own your career. We also provide a 7th bonus key – access to innovative financing. The ALX Launchpad is a 6-month intensive program for young leaders: launching careers through 21st century skills and an impactful network.

In order to join this community of change-makers, we have designed an applications process that will allow us to get a sense of your skills as well as demonstrate a test of your character and values. Throughout this process, you will also be able to learn more about the organisation, our model and vision so you can make a better informed decision.

The application process is made up of 4 different steps. You will need to complete all of them to increase your chances of securing a spot in our next Launchpad Cohort starting June 2019.

  • Step 1: Your introduction & Background

    This section provides us with a window of getting to know you better, where you come from and a sense of your educational and professional background. This section is relatively easy to fill and can be completed within 15 minutes. You will need a stable internet connection to fill it in.

  • Step 2: ALX Experience

    The ALX Experience is an in-person 3-hour session that is uniquely designed for you to experience our unique ALX learning model. We truly believe that experiencing the ALX approach in-person will help you make an informed decision. Throughout these 3 hours, you will participate in a leadership experiential, be exposed to current Young Leaders and facilitators, as well as get the opportunity to ask questions about the overall ALX Launchpad Program.

  • Step 3: ALX Learning Challenge

    The ALX Learning Challenge is an opportunity for you to learn about our ALX mission and values by engaging with our interactive platform. This is also an opportunity for us to get a better understanding of the type of leader you are, your culture fit and see if you have the grit and resilience needed to be an ALX Launchpad participant.

    This is a very important stage of our application process. You are expected to engage with the material for a minimum of 3 days (follow instructions once you sign up on the platform). You will only be able to proceed to the final stage of the process once you’ve completed the ALX Learning Challenge.

  • Step 4: ALX Finalist Day

    The ALX Finalist Day is the last step in our application process. It is a full-day in-person event aimed at providing you with a memorable and impactful leadership development experience at ALX. The sessions have been designed to leave you feeling inspired by our vision, purpose, and culture.

    You will only receive an invite to one of our Finalist days if you’ve completed the previous steps of our application process. You will be notified on whether you have been successfully accepted for our program shortly after the Finalist day.